How to walk with plants

Science research is developed under a series of strictly structured guideline to ensure

the accuracy of the result. Scientific research methodology aims to solve problems

or propose possible solution to certain problem.


Artist's research is to look at issues

with a different angle, to develop creative way of dealing with these issues and

create situations that tests these alternative solutions to real world issues. Using alternative

approach in research, including but not limited to:

        - Cultural code

        - Scientific speculation

        - Timeline

        - Physical/mechanical

The theme, How to walk with plants, response to our reality with today's ecological issue.

Detachment with nature is one of the results after decades of city living, and more

fundamentally, how we have been driven further and further away from nature: we live

in spaces that isolate us from plants, animals, fungi and sometimes more basic elements

of nature like clean water, fresh air and sunlight. things that's deeply associated

with our life, food, health, shelter and spiritual happiness, had became allienated and



With the promising future of synthetic biology, it seems like we will be able to manipulate nature to fit into our modern lifestyle in the near future. So the question

comes to whether it is nessisary to learn to reconnect with nature? Why should we

take effort to get to know what's happening this season of the year in our neiborhood

garden? When technology allows us to interact with nature in a far more efficient and

controlled fashion. The thing is, the promise in synthetic biology itself is full of uncertainty. Even if in near future, we can actually achieve these speculations, what impact will these new changes bring to our environment is not yet known.

Inspired by foraging tour, which is to recognized eatable wild plants. I am planning

on create a tour on activating different ways we can interact with plants. Not just

physically touching, smelling and viewing. But also use alternative research methods

to interact with plants through informations gathered from the past, present and future.